• What is hCG?

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  hCG stands for a  substances that is produced by a pregnant women in large amounts.

  • So, is hCG a hormone?

    Yes! It comes from the Greek word, meaning “I act through a distance”. A substance produced by one tissue and conveyed by the bloodstream to another. The purpose is to effect physical activity, such as growth or metabolism.

  • How does HCG work?

    HCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally produced human hormone. It is used in a variety of functions to treat various conditions. HCG helps modify your eating behavior and how you burn calories. Normally your body stores excess fat as a way to maintain current weight and as a precaution against starvation. When HCG is used in combination with a low calorie diet, however, HCG assists in releasing the mobile fat in your body to be burned rather than stored. HCG helps leave the necessary fat around your muscles and organs while burning away fat in all those trouble spots you don’t want. With the HCG drops and low calorie diet you receive the nutrients you need, feel full and energetic, and lose the weight you have always wanted!

  • What does the HCG diet consist of?

    We will provide you with lots of information to help you on your weight loss journey. As an overview, on days one and two of your program you need to keep yourself feeling as stuffed and full of food as possible so that your body learns to process HCG and large amounts of calories. Day three through the end of your selected day program you will take HCG and keep to the 500-800 calories per day diet. As a note, after completing your HCG program you cannot have sugars or starches.

  • What are typical results from the HCG diet?

    Results vary by the program you select and how well you follow the diet protocol. However, it can typically be expected that when the diet is followed properly one can lose a pound or two per day. The HCG diet is most affected by fiber and water intake – so those are important to consume while on this program. It is important to also remove as much sugar, fat ad oils from your diet while on the program.

  • Who can use the HCG diet?

    The HCG diet is for men and women over 18 who want to lose those extra unwanted pounds. It is recommended that you consult your physician before beginning a nutrition and weight loss program.

  • Why do you include a Vitamin B12 supplement with my program?

    Vitamin B12 helps your body increase energy so when taken with the HCG diet will aid your energy and weight loss.

  • How should I store my HCG bottles?

    Since our HCG is natural and alcohol-free it is highly recommended that you refrigerate your drops to maintain optimum potency. Open, unfinished bottles should be discardrd after six months of opening.

  • How are HCG drops administered?

    Daily injections are administered by the patient in the comfort of her own home.

  • What sweeteners can I use?

    Since common sugar is not recommended for the HCG diet substitute sugar can be used. The only one we recommend is Stevia. We do not recommend any chemically created sugars.

  • Is HCG safe to take with prescriptions?

    It is recommended that you consult with your physician regarding taking the HCG with prescription medication. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetomenaphine are sage to take while on the diet in their recommended doses if needed. Birth control is also fine to take while on the diet.

    Weight loss results on the HCG protocol will vary by individual. Always consult your physician before starting any weight loss or nutrition program. The HCG we use is manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility with regular inspections in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices. The products have not been evaluated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for weight loss and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • What are the functions of hCG during pregnancy?

    hCG is the biggest hormone substance in a human called glycoproteic. Even though we do not like to call it a hormone, this molecule contains over 300+ amino acids.

    One of the functions, many of them are poorly misunderstood, is to protect the embryo from being be rejected.  Genetically 50% of the embryo belongs to the father. The father’s genes act like a foreign object to the mother. Like any foreign object, the organism could reject the embryo. In fact, when an abortion and bleeding is present, the women’s blood levels displaying hCG decrease very suddenly.

    During pregnancy the placenta takes the control of nearly all the mother’s metabolic functions.  In a certain sense, it acts like the pituitary gland. hCG is one of the substances
    that regulate the metabolic rate during pregnancy.

  • How is hCG manufactured?

    hCG is manufactured by worldwide laboratories. The procedure is to take and extract hCG from urine of pregnant women. hCG has been compounded in Pharmacies since 1930. There are NO known complications that were EVER reported regarding manufacturing of this substance. It is safe and highly time-tested. In the USA it is recommended that it be compounded by a FDA licensed facility.

  • Which are the medical indications for hCG?

    hCG when administrated, can facilitate ovulation. It has been used as part of fertilization programs.  Other indication is the lack of descent of testicles in young boys. It is a condition known as cryptorchidism, which is the absence of testis.

    hCG is one of the few drugs that is of natural origin . It still remains in the current Pharmacopoeia. For reasons unknown, most of the studies and research performed on its therapeutic value deals with studies related to testicles or ovaries. Very little comparative investigations have been performed in other scientific/clinical fields.

  • Why do we use a “pregnancy” substance for obesity (weight loss) treatment?

    The British Physician, Dr.  Simeons discovered hCG usage for the treatment of obesity. His first study on the usage of hCG was first published in 1954. He was working in the Far East at the time. Dr. Simeons noticed that the so-called “fat boys,” who showed a disorder characterized primarily by obesity and genital hypoplasia either of which may be caused by a tumor of the adenohypophysis or lesions of the hypothalamus. When he treated them with hCG their undescended testis improve. Dr. Simeons also observed that the body fat was released during treatment. Dr. Simeons concluded that if those fat boys were committed to a very Hypo caloric diet they could reduce their body weight tremendously.

    Dr. Simeons went on with his studies and found that when a Very Low Calorie Diet along with hCG help obese patients with weight loss.

  • Why all the controversy regarding hCG in obesity treatment?

    When Dr. Simeons published his discoveries in the Lancet, back as 1954, obesity was considered a matter of aesthetics, and obesity treatments were confined to the simple indication of “keeping the mouth shut”.

    After its publication, many Physicians from all over the world flocked to Dr. Simeons Hospital to get information on the treatment at first hand.

    Unfortunately, some of them were guided only by profits, and when returning to their Countries they setup the so called “Fat Clinics”, mushrooming everywhere. As a consequence of an improper management of the method, complications were reported.

    Therefore, in 1974 FDA stated hCG was of no use for obesity management because its administration rendered similar results regarding weight loss both in treated and non treated patients. (http://www.hcgobesity.org/faq.htm).

    Many Doctors AGREE.  hCG administration does not render  weight loss better than any other Very Low Calorie Diet.

    BUT hCG treated patients lost more body fat than non treated patients.  (The following question/quote was taken from Dr. Simeons “Pounds and Inches)

  • Does hCG utilized cure obesity?

    No. Obesity is a disease and can only be treated as such.  The cause is a permanent is order in the hypothalamic area, deep inside the brain. What hCG can do, according to Dr. Simeons, is to allow weight loss to be safe and comfortable.  At the end of the  administration of hCG, the transition/maintenance period (phase 4) keeping weight off is much easier to do than other treatments.

  • Are there benefits from the treatment of hCG to obesity?

    Yes. People have noticed that they are usually in a good mood during the treatment phase. They do not report being in a bad mood or being weak. They look and feel fine. They noted that their sleep improved.

    Many patients notice a decrease in the size of their “body contour” or size areas of the body. They typically commented “My Clothes fit fine”. They say, “this is best diet I have ever done”. Others say “my clothes fit better even though I have not lost that much weight”.

  • Any benefit from the use of the method hCG+ diet to treat overweight?

    People on hCG today from all over the world and even in Dr. Simeons time have reported weight loss from every degree.

    When determining the effectiveness of any obesity treatment, we should determine whether the program or treatment decreases body fat more than when compared to other approaches. The answer is never weight loss but fat loss.

  • How can I decide what weight loss clinic is a good one?

    A good clinic is certified treatment facility for weight loss. The clinic should be a licensed medical facility that employs a professional staff . The Weight Loss Clinic should have a real licensed doctor on staff and in the site that will see each patient and oversee the  administration of hCG.  A good weight loss clinic will only prescribe and sell hCG that is manufactured in the United States.  Before scheduling your time with the weight loss clinic, make sure to ask them to provide you with proof that they are a licensed medical company.

  • How does the Hypothalamus and hCG work?

    The HCG  works on the hypothalamus region of the brain by causing it to release the loss of abnormal fat from the size area of the body. Typically, it is the hard to reach areas of the body.

  • Do I need to keep a daily food log and weight log?

    It is suggested to keep good record of your journey.  You will find it helpful to have something to reference to when looking back later on. It also helps to figure out what foods may cause them to stop losing weight or what benefits they are receiving in addition to weight loss. (Sleeping better, no headache, no high blood pressure…no acid reflux…)

  • Can HCG affect sleep?

    Many patients report during administration of HCG that their sleep cycles are improved.

  • Why do people lose more inches than pounds?

    Every result are unique to people. Some lose a lot of weight versus others tend to lose more inches than weight. This is likely due to genetics.

  • What is the hypothalamus?

    The hypothalamus is a very small gland underneath the forebrain/cortex. It is responsible for many functions like: controlling hunger regulation of metabolism or the rate at which your body burns or stores fat for energy, regulating hormones and maintaining heart rate.

  • Why is it important to gorge during the first two days of the diet?

    When you start the first two days and start your injection, eating a lot of forbidden foods is important. When you eat a lot then go on a very low calorie diet, the adrenal glands react and cause an emergency message sent to the hypothalamus to begin to burn fat. You will need to eat foods with high fat content. (Some suggestions include: pasta with sauces, breads, oils, ice cream etc.) You do not need to eat until you feel like you are going to throw up or feel sick. However, if you do not eat a lot of calories during these first two days, you may experience greater hunger the first week or so. Spread the calories out throughout the day.

  • What if I left my HCG out of the refrigerator?

    HCG can be left out of the fridge for up to 24 hours with very little negative effect. Remembering to keep it in the fridge at all times other than when it is being used. This will ensure that it will remain effective until the expiration date. Keep it out of direct sunlight.

  • Am I more fertile while on HCG?

    No. As a fertility drug, you would have to take very large amounts. The amount given during to diet phase is very little. You have no more of a risk of getting pregnant than any other time. If you do not wish to become pregnant, please take the proper precautions as might be directed by a doctor.

  • What happens when I’m on my period?

    On the first day of a full flow, stop taking the shots.  Stay on your VLCD 500 cal/day diet. When your period is almost over (about 4 to 5 days) and you are just spotting, you may restart the injections. Some women do believe that the HCG affects their period. Some have reported a heavier flow, some a lighter flow, some a normalizing effect. It is impossible to predict how or if HCG will affect your period.

  • Can I do the program while I am breast feeding?

    No. hCG is not recommended for nursing mothers (or pregnant mothers).

  • Will I test positive on a pregnancy test?

    Yes. You will test positive on a sensitive pregnancy test. The amount of HCG that you have in your body is about equivalent to what would be in your body at day 14 of a pregnancy.

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