• Intravenous Infusion…What is it ALL about?

    Intravenous Infusion…What is it ALL about?

    Vitamin IV Therapy features various Medical Cocktails, a specifically customized blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and medications combined together in an IV bag that is infused directly into the blood stream allowing for 100% absorption and efficacy with near immediate results.

    IV therapy can provide patients with essential nutrients to provide energy, improve cellular function, enhance recovery and boost immunity.  This therapy can also be included in a tailored treatment protocol that is spread out and administered regularly in comprehensive programs providing long term results including fat loss, fitness enhancement and toxin clearance.  IV infusions are the pinnacle in complete restoration through the bypassing of the gastric tract.  Poor absorption results in unknown deficiencies and health issues that can plague ones quality of life.  But with IV therapy, large doses of nutrients can safely be introduced into body at levels that cannot be obtained with oral supplementation alone.

    IV therapy can be customized around any situation or need.  They are not only limited to helping alleviate a problem but also to enhancing a situation/need.

    • Hangovers/Recovery
    • Fatigue/Weakness
    • Depression/Anxiety
    • Headaches/Pain
    • Mental Clarity/Memory
    • Allergies/Sinusitisivbag
    • Bacterial and Viral Infections
    • Physical Enhancement

    Depending on each patient’s condition or desire, IV therapy can provide spectacular results.  The number of treatments and the overall health of the patient being treated dictate the success rate of IV nutritional outcomes.  Overall, IV therapies are well tolerated and pose minimal if any negative side effects.

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