Permanent cosmetics give you perfectly applied makeup all day, every day. It means that you will always have striking eyeliner that will never smudge, beautiful and sensuous lips that will never run, and your perfect eyebrows will never smear. You will look just as beautiful at the end of the day as you do at the start of your day. Permanent cosmetics at Fountain of Youth MD will allow you to achieve a subtle or vivid color that will give you years of constant beauty wear.

When you receive permanent cosmetics at Fountain of Youth MD you can be assured of a pain free, relaxing experience. Given that our permanent cosmetics services are provided in a clinical setting we are able to administer the most effective, medical grade anesthetics for the smoothest application possible.

Following are rates for permanent cosmetic services:

Permanent Cosmetics Consultation

In a consultation for permanent cosmetics we will provide you with an in depth education on the various services. We will also give you a personal question and answer session tailored around your specific concerns. If you schedule a procedure during the consultation the fee will be applied toward your service.

Permanent Eyebrows

The session includes the procedure along with a consult to determine the most flatting shape, contour, color, and technique for your permanent eyebrow service.


Before Permanent Brows 1


After Permanent Brows 1


Before Permanent Brows 2


After Permanent Brows 2


Before Permanent Brows 3


After Permanent Brows 3

Permanent Eyeliner

The session includes the procedure along with a consult to determine the line width, length, shape and color your permanent eyeliner. The rate above is for eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes. Alternate permanent eyeliner services include:

Eyeliner applied to your upper lid only

Eyeliner applied to the lower lid only

*When scheduling these services please be advised that we allocate a specific amount of time for each procedure. If you elect to change your permanent eyeliner service option we require a 48 hour notice to adjust the rate accordingly.

Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner is ideal for women with then lips or lip lines which causes bleeding. The session will allow you to create the shape and contour you have always wanted. Our technique allows you to have the traditional lined lip or a blended lip liner with feathering for a more natural look.

Permanent Lip Color

Just like permanent lip liner, permanent lip color is ideal for women with texture around their lips. Full lip color will give you depth and dimension while eliminating bleeding. Color is applied throughout the lip and includes a separate color of lip liner if desired.


Before Lip Color


After Lip Color

Areola Repigmentation

This service is the solution for women who have may under gone radical breast reconstruction or those that would like to enhance the shape and color to their natural breasts. This session includes complete construction with shading, contouring, and dimensional color for the most realistic result possible.

Permanent Cosmetic Touch-Ups

For those that currently have touch-ups we can give you a much needed boost to revive or correct your color. We can also use the time to make any shape alterations you may desire. The rate for these services vary based on the time needed to complete your service. We can determine the scope and time need for your touch-up during a consultation. The scale is:

1 hour or less

Between 1 and 2 hours

Between 2 and 3 hours

Below are some of our frequently asked questions:


What are permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics are the cosmetic tattooing or pigment implantation of color directly into the skin for a permanent makeup affect.

Who are permanent cosmetics for?

Permanent cosmetics are for women with busy lifestyles, poor vision, makeup allergies, autoimmune disorders such as alopecia, or those that just want the consistency of having consistent, waterproof makeup.

Is there anyone that cannot have permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics cannot be performed on women under the age of 18 or those that are pregnant.

Does it hurt to have permanent cosmetics applied?

The advantage of having your permanent cosmetics don at Fountain of Youth MD is that we use the strongest numbing agents available to assure you of a pain free experience. Your comfort is our primary concern. Our anesthetics administered by injection which means you will have little to no wait time before we can begin your application.

What should I expect after the procedure?

There will be slight swelling immediately after the procedure which should subside within 24 to 48 hours. You may also see the color as slightly darker than predicted but this is normal. The actual color will develop within a week for most procedures. We provide you with clear, written after care instructions along with protective ointment to be used for several days following your application.

How long will my permanent cosmetics last?

The extended wear of permanent cosmetics varies based on factors like your facial cleansing routine including exfoliating and peels, exposure to sun or other ultra violet rays, medications, and your metabolism. Over time permanent cosmetics will begin to fade though a trace of them will always exist. Overall, most women can enjoy permanent cosmetics for 2 to 5 years before a color boost is needed to revive the color.

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