• Understanding Immunotherapy

    What exactly is Immunotherapy?

    Allergies are caused by your immune system overreacting towards harmless substances the same way it would react towards something harmful like bacteria or a virus.  Allergy immunotherapy slowly “trains” your immune system so you can tolerate these substances upon exposure.

    Allergy immunotherapy is a clinically documented treatment that may reduce or completely remove your allergy symptoms and the need for traditional, symptom-relieving medication.

    Why should I consider Immunotherapy?

    Among the wide variety of treatment possibilities available today, allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots) is the only treatment that targets the cause of allergy and alters the natural course of the disease, which, for many patients may lead to:

    o   An improved quality of life

    o   An end to discomfit and feeling ill

    o   Less symptomatic drugs in the case of respiratory allergies

    o   Freedom to enjoy outdoor activities during allergy season

    Clinical studies have shown that for the majority of patients, their allergies improve and this effect is maintained years after completing treatment.

    Top 4 Tips for Success

    Be Compliant- sticking to your treatment plan increases your chances of success

    Be Committed- the long term nature of the treatment can be overwhelming but the results can be life changing

    Be Patient- symptom relief can vary between patients

    Be Involved- report any signs of a reaction to your physician so they can track your progress and make adjustments

    Allergy Immunotherapy


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